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Frightmare Haunted House

Westminster, CO


  • Currently 9.00/10

Critic Rating: 9.0/10

Scare Factor: 8.7/10
Actors: 8.5/10
Set Design: 9.5/10
Length: 9.3/10



  • Currently 8.25/10

Critic Rating: 8.3/10

Frightmare is a haunt that has become an institution in the Denver haunt world and for good reason. This was the first haunt that I attended that actually has its own dedicated permanent location. Thanks to the permanent location more elaborate props and structures can be build which greatly help the overall quality of the attraction.
This attraction does have some very detailed scenes. These range from caves to mines to a cemetery to even an old farm house. Speaking of the farm house, apparently a team of paranormal experts have explored the structure for any strange activity. They spent quite a bit of time and determined that it is certified as being haunted. Of course that bit of information is conveyed during visits. This year, does something interesting and fun by giving guests a prop to carry of their own a lantern. This may not sound like much, but once it’s in your hand it casts fantastic creepy shadows as you walk though the confined areas. It really is a fantastic touch. Adding to the feel of the haunt is also some interesting footing to increase the immersion into the experience. Though there were also some areas that went underground that I very much enjoyed going through last year that were not in use this go around so that was a bit disappointing.
The monsters for Frightmare are also very quite diverse. You’ll see standard monsters and ghouls that you would expect to be crawling in graveyards and haunted venues, but there are several surprises. There are also some atypical inhabitants ranging from a crow man hiding in a tree to an eight foot tall murderous clown to a frightened bumpkin who lets you hide in his cabin with him. Everyone’s dialog or lack thereof perfectly fits their character and fits the theme of the haunt.
Frightmare does have some great scares. This includes monsters hiding in a few unusual spaces ready to pounce on the next juicy morstle that happens to come along. There are also some very disturbing images to get your heart rate up. There are even then a bunch of clowns to frighten those sensitive to twisted versions of the jolly jokesters. There really is something that will scare most everyone.
Frightmare remains one of the top haunted attractions in the Denver area and for good reason. If you are a fan of haunted houses and have never been to Frightmare, that is a situation that you would need to look into remedying.

Pros: cool sets, interesting monsters, scares for everyone

Cons: Some locations I enjoyed from past visits do not appear to be in use this go around.



  • Currently 9.00/10

Critic Rating: 9.0/10

Over the years I have watched as Frightmare evolved into the detail rich, heart pounding haunt that it has become. Every year there are changes and additions and every one of them has been great. This year, the changes are pretty dramatic and it gives the haunt a whole new feel and atmosphere.
The overall layout has been revamped to allow a longer length and for those of us who go every year without fail, you will realize at some point that you are indeed going through some returning scenes backwards. I personally really enjoyed this because it created an interesting scenario in my mind. Initially, when I recognized the scene I felt at ease because it was familiar. As fast as I began to feel comfortable, I suddenly realized that I had no clue what was next because I couldn’t get my mind to remember the sets backwards. Add to that the fact that not only was I going backwards through the haunt, but was also re-routed in some places. This combination worked really well to give the roller coaster ride effect that haunt owners try to achieve.
Gravediggers, witches burning at the stake, exorcisms and a cave that not only smells authentic, but comes to life are all things that will be seen here. Going through the closet in the hillbilly’s shack was great and this actor did a very good job staying in character. Another plus is being given a lantern to use to navigate my way through the haunt. The sets are already fantastic, but let the swinging lantern light cast extra shadows and it really turned the volume up on the whole experience.
Monsters larger than life dwell here and the clowns have overrun the barn again this season, which was great. I have missed the clowns greatly and am happy to see them back.
This haunt leans a bit toward “Old School” haunts that I can never get enough of and has plenty of scares and startles along the way. Not overly intense, this one has something that appeals to everyone.

Pros: New layout, set design, lighting

Cons: New layout, set design, lighting



  • Currently 8.25/10

Critic Rating: 8.3/10

I went inside, and immediately I felt like I was part of another world. A deformed entity waited for us inside and became our guide. As I walked around, I felt like I was on an isolated farm that had a big frozen waterwheel and an old house in the back. We headed to this small house, where a crazy guy welcomed us in and told us to sit down. He was telling us we should watch out and that we should hide since it’s dangerous. He raised his big gun, pointed out the entrance, gave us a lantern, and told us to hide and go out through the closet. I totally loved how they played out this scene—the scare factor was awesome and very real. The pathways were dark, so it was great to have the lantern with us. There was a great outdoor room full of birds. Blackbirds were sitting on the naked branches of trees, and then I heard this big sound and as I looked up there was a huge bird above me. It was amazing to see a costume that awesome—a human-sized black raven. This room was very !
eerie and reminded me of a movie where ravens were killing people. Very cool!

This haunt had the best scarecrow sitting still by a big, tall cornfield. As we walked away from him I could hear a person making a noise. As I got closer I found some freaks had taken away our lantern. Then we saw this guy in the middle of a cemetery digging up a body and acting very crazy, and then he came after us like a mad man. As we went inside the building there were tight hallways that become caves with moss, and the smell was real. The moss men inside made a creepy noise and came to scare me out of nowhere. As I continued on this haunt I found the exorcist room. There was the priest and the girl in the bed. I was waiting for somebody to scare me or for the girl to do something more than moan, but nothing happened—a letdown since it’s a very awesome scene from a very scary movie. They could have done more with that room.

Overall, it was a good haunt, and I would go and see it again. I think the designers could improve some of their rooms to bring the overall haunt to a more scary level.

Pros: the props are cool. Love the settings of the haunt this year. Some actors were amazing.

Cons: some rooms lacked on attention--props and actors.



  • Currently 9.50/10

Critic Rating: 9.5/10

Incredible sets, excellent acting and a clever use of props, lighting and sound have always been the halmarks of Frightmare. This year Frightmare has those elements down in spades.

I was blown away by the rework of the set. From the moment I saw the giant crow looming over head I knew something exciting was about to happen. I loved meeting the gun toting southern man in his cabin complete with taxidermy. After he prepped us for our journey ahead we were off and running through familiar, but more frightening mines, an old western town and a witch burning. My favorite scene involved caves and what I think was a Yeti who lurked in the shadows before threatening our lives!

The actors at Frightmare did a really good job overall. There were some major highlights and a dedication to the scare in most cases, but here and there a few just seemed to give up with a simple boo.

Frightmare really kicks butt this year. The sets, props and fx were stellar. They had detail that made you feel immersed in the creepy setting. The pinnacle of the Frightmare experience happened at the very end where you’re led into a fog filled room that you’ll be lucky to escape from! We walked around for what seemed like eternity before we finally found the exit and ran to safety

Pros: Really great new sets, fx & props! Plus the Yeti, the Clowns, and the guy in the shack ruled!

Cons: A few actors could have stepped it up a notch the enhance the scare.



  • Currently 9.75/10

Critic Rating: 9.8/10

Wow! What a great haunt! You can definitely tell that a lot of work went into this haunt. It shows in all areas. One thing I really love about this haunt is they change it up every year, bringing in new ideas, and the changes they made this year were awesome! The only thing I took a point off for was the length...I wanted it to be a little longer, but other than that, I couldn’t ask for more in a haunt!

The set for this haunt is always awesome. The majority of it is outside which is great because natural darkness and coldness only add to the authenticity of this haunt. I really don’t want to give anything away, but I just wanted to say I loved the witch burning scene. I haven’t seen anything like that been used before, and they did a great job. Also, there is a part of this haunt where an actor hands off a lantern to your group to carry through some dark parts of this haunt, and later, another actor comes and jacks it from you. This was done so well, and really added so much! All of the actors were on their game, and I applaud all of you!

The best part about this haunt though was the ending. It was so good! I love it when a haunt really works on their ending, and sends you off with a bang! They made so many changes in this ending, and it was really great!

Good job Frightmare! You rocked!

Pros: Everything was awesome!

Cons: Could be a tad longer.



  • Currently 9.25/10

Critic Rating: 9.3/10

Frightmare has stepped it up a notch from last year. You gotta love haunts that change their sets year to year to make it interesting for returning customers. The longest running haunt in Denver has exceeded my expectations again this year. They have totally reset the way you walk through their haunt and have added many new scare tactics to their belt. What I have always loved about this haunt is their ability to envelope you in their surroundings and ambiance and transport you from a suburb to an actual mineshaft, or cornfield, or old haunted barn. I talked with the owner briefly and he mentioned that they had actually brought in some paranormal investigators for a week to try and capture evidence of a haunting in their old barn they use in their production. He told me that they did indeed collect EVPs and they think it’s haunted by his father’s ghost perhaps. They tie this in nicelty when you walk to the old barn finale of their haunt, although ghosts is the last t!
hing you will find in there. Instead, and not to ruin the surprise, is one of their most effective creepy endings to a haunt in years. I was genuinely disoriented and creeped out by what I saw. Particularly what is hanging on the walls and staring at you through strobes. Are they real? Some aren’t, but some defiently are, and will stare you down until you just lose your mind.
’Nuff said.

Pros: total revamp of their haunt

Cons: a couple of dead areas with some actors just grunting

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